Verse- BC God Bud

Sing to me, O' muse, in the form of verse
Speak of a plant that is sure to immerse
They answer in query which warms my blood
"Human, have you smoked the BC God Bud?"
Verse Originals has done it friends! They have cultivated a plant that embodies the Gods and it is grown in a greenhouse located in British Columbia. I always hear religious people say that they try to cultivate a relationship with a higher power; but I didn't know they were speaking literally. All jokes aside, even if this plant does not let you witness the Gods themselves, you will have a fantastic time witnessing the awesome power of BC God Bud. The team at Verse strives for quality cannabis while still maintaining a low price. First they grow the cannabis in cocoa fibre, and then hand select it for each bag. After it is cured you can find the wonderful flavours that range from tropical fruit and berries to lavender and pine.The predominant flavours are sweet soil and earth. This taste of soil is sweeter than most earth tastes you can find in indica; rather than the funky earth it is more like the life-giving soil that the goddess Demeter represents. You can also notice the fruit and berry tastes that grow from said soil. These underlying tastes will make you feel you are experiencing the nectar of the Gods. Along with the sweet soil and fruit, you might be able to pick up the relaxing taste of lavender mixed with the freshness of pine. With all these flavours combined, you might ponder if you are consuming the same ambrosia that the Gods crave.BC God Bud's effects are slightly different than most indicas. After smoking you should find the body-buzz that comes with the typical indica high; however the Gods might bless you with a head focused high as well. The terpene combination of β-Caryophyllene, Bisabolol, Myrcene,Humulene, and Limonene adds to the mythical tastes and godly effects. It is a perfect strain whether you want to relax after battling a hydra, contemplate how to escape a labyrinth, or meditate on what higher-powers control the universe.Thanks to BC God Bud by Verse Originals, now you don't have to wait until Easter, Ramadan, or Yom Kippur in order to commune with God; you can come straight to Canada Buds to fulfill your spiritual journey.
Peace and Love,