Shred- Tropic Thunder


After being in a pandemic for almost 2 years I think we all need a vacation. Wouldn't it be nice to
pull up a chair on the beach, sift your feet through the sand, and smoke some tropical tasting
cannabis? Unfortunately, when you get to your destination, set up your towels and umbrella by
the water, you realize you forgot your grinder! Lucky for you, Shred comes pre-ground so all you
do is pack a bowl and smoke away. However, if you are like me and are stuck in a Canadian
fall/winter; Tropic Thunder grown by Shred will bring the beach aromas and tastes to you.
Shred is mixed with different strains in order to match the flavour profile of each bag. Tropic
Thunder is the favourite version of many customers because of the exotic tastes. The growers
mix the strains so that as soon as you open your bag of Tropic Thunder, you will be transported
to the islands. Flavours of sweet citrus and tropical tang will fill the room and before long you will
think you are sipping on a piña colada watching the waves roll in.
Then comes the high; combined with the tastes of the tropics, these effects will make you think
you are in the centre of a storm. Thunder will be crackling around you, the wind will be rushing
by, and lightning will be illuminating the sky with its power. Eventually the storm will pass and
you will be left with 6 more grams in the bag. You will get to once again experience the majesty
Tropic Thunder brings. All of this, and you won't have to leave your couch in Canada.
So if you don't want to grind your cannabis, and would rather simply sit back and enjoy the
scenery; come to Canada Buds! We might not have beaches, but we do have Tropic Thunder.
Peace and Love,