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Milk & Cookiez - Sev7n


Friends, it is the time of year that Canada starts to resemble how we prefer our cannabis... frosty.  Once the trees become coated with the crystals that descend from the sky; we begin to sweep out the fireplace, decorate it with the ornaments that bring us joy.  We stoke the flames so we can provide warmth and security for the people that surround it.  Some of us will now have the chance to enjoy an enchanting book, relax in the bliss of holiday music, or reconnect with our loved ones.  However we decide to spend this time of year, it is a perfect opportunity to put our daily lives on hold, have a smoke, and reflect on where we came from, and where we are going.


For a limited time during the holidays, the company Sev7n has released a unique strain that will satisfy your cravings for holiday sweets.  To go along with the baked goods and dairy that will be left out for Santa, Sev7n has given us a gift in the form of a 1g pre-roll; 'Milk & Cookies'. This limited run product captivates the essence of the holidays through its magnificent tastes that range from creamy eggnog to sweet gingerbread. It also has an excellent high that matches the contentment that surrounds this time of year. Once you try it, you will see that Milk & Cookies is a wonderful strain that will make anybody - even Ebenezer Scrooge - get into the holiday spirit.


The predominant flavours for this pre-roll consist of a variety of dairy products. Once you start the pre-roll, you can experience the taste of slightly sweetened milk.  The notes begin clear and simple, however they soon develop as the rest of the flower heats up. After the flavours darken, the taste of milk develops into thick cream, and then focuses the palate towards the taste of a rich eggnog. Just like this traditional holiday beverage, the notes of eggnog bring a luxurious smooth base that is a perfect foundation for adding warm spices and dark liquor.  The consistency of smoke is also very creamy, which is a defining feature of cookie strains. The thick smoke will cause the flavours of dough to linger on your taste buds.  Thanks to the fantastic rolling of this limited run strain, the flavours and consistency of smoke show off the achievements that growers at Sev7n have accomplished.


Like many people, I prefer to add some cinnamon and nutmeg to my eggnog, so it was a pleasant surprise to find these warm spices introduced halfway through my smoke. These flavours complement the other notes that Milk & Cookies has to offer.  They brighten the rich cream with a kick of spice, yet they still do not overpower the condensed sweetness by masking it with a pervasive heat. There was also a slight fermented spice underlying the experience.  Since the flavour is mainly dairy the spices played as if it was an alcohol that would be mixed with eggnog.  Possibly a spiced rum, whiskey, or brandy; this liquor taste added a sharp bitter bite mixed with a relaxed caramelized embrace.  Once the pre-roll is finished, an aftertaste of ginger can be detected; reminding us of the days we spent building gingerbread houses with our family.


I would classify the high as a 'creeper' because I only noticed it after I finished the pre-roll. Once I stopped jotting down the tastes the strain offered, I realized that I was already high. It was a very enjoyable experience that felt like a 50/50 hybrid at first; however when I got inside and sat down, I began to encounter a body buzz that was very relaxing. These effects match the tastes, aromas, and ambiance of the holidays, and would be perfect for sitting by the fire and opening presents with friends and family.


            Sev7n has done an amazing job capturing the holidays in this flower, and I suggest that everyone should try it before it runs out. I also encourage that we all pay close attention to the other products Sev7n will release in the future, because from what I have seen, they have immense potential. As a wonderful bonus, Sev7n is 100% indigenous owned and operated and I aspire to see other companies like them emerge into this expanding field. Connection with land - and the plants and animals that live upon it - is rooted in indigenous beliefs. This is why I believe it is welcome progress to see companies such as Seven Leaf using their connection with the earth to create beautiful plants that will bring happiness to everybody across Canada.


Happy Holidays,